Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Oh, my love...

"Or is it lust?" she ponders...

JF & Son, available at Refinery29

Friday, 13 March 2009

Something for the home: 3D typefaces

The typefaces appear differently, according to the angle you look at it. Awesome.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Cosmetics: Argan oil

Just learnt about the company Kahina that sells argan oil skin products made by a women's cooperative in Morocco.

I love an ethical company, and I love the idea that the product is made by women, to be used by women. It's like an international beauty forum of the most basic, non-internet kind.

According to Wikipedia:

"Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the endemic argan tree, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. The tree, a relict species from the Tertiary age, is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions of southwestern Morocco.


The unroasted oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases, and has found favour with the
cosmetics industry. An Irish sufferer of the skin condition Psoriasis, claims that Argan oil has helped greatly in clearing up the physical manifestation of the condition."

Interesting - and it's not too expensive either. The facial lotion is US$55 a pop and 10% of profits go to improving the lives of these women. [edit: I just tried to buy online and the payment gateway kept trying to tell me to pay $69 for for the lotion... whoops. Hope they'll fix it all soon!]

So I guess charity can make you beautiful.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bags: more sailcloth

Haven't been on Etsy for aaaaaages, and was pleasantly surprised to find RAGGEDedgeGear, a mother-daughter outfit that makes bags and accessories out of juicily coloured sailcloth.

Something for the home

On a fairly recent visit to Venice, this was the thing that I most wanted to take home.

Alas, it's an exhibit at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future
2003, neon tubes, Maurizio Nannucci